Can I still get married during the covid-19 crisis?

There is not a person on the face of this planet that has not been affected by the current coronavirus pandemic. we have endured the last few months, and as many states are ready to open back up, couples are once again thinking about their nuptials and their special day.

What does this mean for you, if you are currently planning your wedding?

Planning your wedding with the covid19 pandemic in mind could certainly present with many questions. Can we plan as normal? How many guests should I have? Are there certain precautions we should take?

For most couples, answers to these will certainly depend on what area of the country you live in. remember to first check on your state’s specific regulations. It is also worth keeping in mind that even when the quarantine comes to an end, some people may not be willing or able to travel and gather. All to say, there will be caveats for each circumstance as we transition into new territory.

The first thing you'll want to do is to have serious discussions with your venue and vendors (virtually or over the phone, of course!) If you have a wedding planner, this is something they can facilitate. Otherwise, you'll need to reach out to your venue and vendor team individually. many couples have rescheduled their weddings, and 2020 weddings have been pushed into 2021. This means that the calendars for the vendors and photographers will have weddings originally planned for 2021, and the weddings that were rescheduled to contend with. There will undoubtedly be a varying response from them—most will be more than willing to help you.

Love didn't stop for coronavirus

touching base with friends and family members and getting an idea of others comfortability with gathering is a good idea. some may not be comfortable traveling, or being around groups of people (even with certain safety measures being taken) and that is "ok'. Well wishers can still be well wishers even if they are not present! In these uncertain times, we are all a little more understanding of others wishes, and realize that the safety of others is of the utmost importance!

Life and love didn't stop because of cover-19, but things have definitely changed. certain precautions may be necessary to take during your wedding. consider having an outdoor ceremony or reception. this gives guests a opportunity to move about at a safe distance - and we know that sunshine is great for our health and immunity! and, of course, offering things like hand sanitizer is always a great idea.

Hire professionals that will put your safety and that of your guests first!

having the caterer or the reception team coordinate with you on a seating arrangement can provide an additional step of safety. placing guests at tables with their own immediate household family members (people they see every day) is a good way to add an extra safety measure. when it comes to the photography = hire a team that is equipped with an array of lenses that can allow them to be a good distance from the couple - and their guests. We use a variety of these so as not to be an intrusion on our couples and their guests during the wedding, and they can also be helpful in keeping safe distances. knowing that a telephoto lens allows us to be close without being at an unsafe distance, may not mean a lot to a couple. however, some photographers like to shoot with wider angle lenses, and that absolutely means the photographer has to be in very close proximity to their subject to get the shot! in a nutshell, it matters! still unsure how to plan your wedding with covid19 in mind?

if you are still unsure on what steps you need to take to start planning your wedding, while being safe during these uncertain times, we can help. we have helped many brides that did not have coordinators, with all aspects of their day. from recommendations for hair and make-up and a video team, to helping them plan our their wedding day timeline. if you are not sure where to start, or what precautions to take, give us a call or an email. life didn't stop for coronavirus, and you still deserve that perfect wedding!

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